Cardiff Lane Apartments


The design intent is to build a fine, elegant residential tower of architectural quality that sits comfortably in its urban context in Dublin’s south docklands. The proposed building has two primary elevations: the east façade to the street and the north façade over The Ferryman Townhouse, facing onto the river quays.

Both façades comprise balconies and winter gardens with sliding anodised bronze panels and glass balustrades. The sliding bronze panels are detailed so that each one can move across the length of the balcony, providing varying levels of privacy, shading and control to each apartment. This treatment will enliven each façade, which will change at different times of the day/seasons of the year, so that the external building envelope has a dynamic architectural veil which provides visual interest to each façade. Considerable care has been taken in detailing this building’s external skin and appearance to provide a stucture with projections, setbacks and moving components together with high-quality materials ultimately resulting in a model apartment infill for Dublin.


When Lawrence & Long Architects forwarded the sketch designs for their new tower on Cardiff Lane in Dublin 2, we knew we needed to find time in the schedule to fit it in. Already, the sketches were fairly well developed — architect Maeve Mansfield had forwarded a set of references which pointed to a beautiful bronze-skinned finish with elegant garden loggia. All this was packaged into a slender tower sitting on the edge of Dublin’s Grand Canal Basin district.

We sat down with director Joe Lawrence and Maeve to discuss what they wanted us to do, and it quickly became apparent they wanted images that conveyed emotion, atmosphere and, above all, the materiality and quality of the proposed design.

We began a process of modelling and refining the building and its metal façade systems before issuing detailed images along with interactive models based on the Sketchfab web platform.

Finally, we produced set of images at ultra-high resolution.


ALL3D worked with Lawrence & Long Architects to produce imagery for the Cardiff Lane apartment development at Dublin’s Grand Canal Docks. The brief for the project was to create evocative, atmospheric images which would communicate materiality and the quality of the finished building. ALL3D provided photography and modelling but also worked with us to create an expressive colour treatment for the project, resulting in imagery we are very happy with. I would have no hesitation recommending ALL3D for architectural visualisation.

Joe Lawrence,

Director, Lawrence & Long Architects