DesignAR – Glass Visualisation / App Design


To design, plan, resource and ultimately publish DesignAR, an IOS app for accurately visualising glass and new bottle design and branding for the FMCG sector. Provide on-demand 3D modelling services to DesignAR clients for near real-time product visualisation and design development.


Since Pokemon Go hit, 3D augmented reality is something that is now familiar to the public. People understand that it represents a watershed technology for user interface design with implications far beyond the scope of what virtual reality has to offer. 3D augmented reality overlays static or animated models on real-world environments so the user sees it as a part of the real environment.

DesignAR was a pioneering application for IOS which sought to apply this technology to the FMCG product design workflow. We worked with DesignAR and technology providers to build a platform that allowed us to quickly process engineering drawings into secure cloud-based 3D product libraries. DesignAR’s key feature was real-time refraction (light bending) through glass. This proprietary IP continues to be world-leading technology.

ALL3D worked with an international team comprising glass manufacturers, brand developers and graphic designers including Ardagh Glass (Germany), Quinn Glass (Northern Ireland), Dynamo (Dublin), ViewAR (Austria) and DesignAR Ltd (Dublin).

The quality of our work was recognised through awards for Best App Development and commendation for Universal Design at the 2014 IDI Design Awards.


ALL3D were a fantastic partner with a tireless enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what the technologies could do. Douglas is very adaptable and a great problem solver and he was key in bringing the team together to produce an award winning app which has market-leading real-time 3D refraction engine. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending ALL3D for future work.

David Phelan,

Director, DesignAR Ltd