4DFX Motion Theatre


We were asked to come on board initially to create concept design imagery for the new 4DFX Motion Theatre. As the project unfolded, our role expanded into the design and animation of interiors and especially seating. We created character animations for advertising and customer interaction and designed motion graphics for concession screens, pod control panels and other uses.


We worked with Reality Design, Galway, to design the exterior of the cinema pod. It featured intricate metal-banded skin reminiscent of the Shanghai Olympic Stadium “bird’s nest” (Herzog & de Meuron Architects). From this 3D model we created concept design visuals which were presented to the client and the overall design team. It was a technically challenging build but it gave our clients exceptional confidence that the concept work we produced would be reflective of the actual finished product. Our concept images were passed on to the engineering and architectural teams for reference in producing construction drawings.

Once the concept design work was completed, we were asked to look at the cinema seat and the interior generally. Finally, once all items had been agreed, we moved on to creating an animation that would explain the 4DFX ride to the public and attract paying customers. This was a very enjoyable project which allowed us to showcase both our highly technical skillset but also our more creative and light-hearted side. The project was a huge success for all parties.


“ALL3D produced concept design graphics, motion graphics and 3D character animations for the 4DFX Motion Theatre. They provided detailed modelling, branding, cinematography and audio mixing which included both voiceover and music. The quality of their visuals — in particular the final 3D animated video — was exceptional and we have gone on to use them for all of our film and 3D work since.”

Darren McGarry,

Project Manager, Dr Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium